Should You Be a Social Entrepreneur?

If everyone starts a social enterprise who’s left to do the work? That’s the question Lara Galinsky of Echoing Green asks when students tell her they want to be a social entrepreneur. She says not everyone should be a social entrepreneur or actually really wants to (even if they think they do). But, she says, everyone can be socially innovative by “thinking like a social entrepreneur and applying that lens to everything [they do].” Sure sounds like what we’re trying to help BYU students do here at SILC!

“Social entrepreneurs alone cannot change the world. They need artists, volunteers, development directors, communications specialists, donors, and advocates across all sectors to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality.”

Every year more students at BYU, and universities across the world, are interested in how their career could change the world. Maybe they hear about social entrepreneurs and think, “Oh I guess I need to start a social venture or a non-profit.” Ms. Galinsky is right—the answer is to stick with the major you love, and then use those skills to be socially innovative. Who knows, maybe you will start the world’s next great social venture; or maybe you’ll be instrumental in translating an entrepreneur’s dream into reality.

Ms. Galinsky suggests asking yourself a few questions and seriously considering the true answers:


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